In 1980 Ken first came to Alaska on a consulting assignment. Immediately drawn to Alaska, Ken spent the next year doing a weekly commute between Salem, Oregon and Anchorage. In 1981 he was able to complete the move to Anchorage where he has lived and worked ever since.

Ken is an alumnus of Alaska Pacific University. He received an interdisciplinary master degree (MLA) in anthropology and psychology. Ken also received an MBA from Alaska Pacific. His doctorate in management science was earned at The Union Institute and University in Cincinnati.

In addition to his thirty years of business experience Ken also spent eight years as a volunteer counselor at the Anchorage Vet Center. His work there resulted in a successful method for treating combat-related post traumatic stress disorder. When Our Troops Come Home is Ken’s story of healing from his experiences in Viet Nam

The prime mover to Ken’s life as a writer is his wife, Francine Dufour. An accomplished artist herself, Francine and Ken collaborate on a wide variety of projects when they are not joyfully exploring the wonders of Alaska.

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